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Are There Alternatives to Clickbank and Paypal?

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Are There Alternatives to Clickbank and Paypal?
« on: March 18, 2011, 06:19:48 AM »
Hello Jonathan,

I am a Nigerian and live in Abuja. I cam across your IAW3 sometime in December 2010 through one affiliate marketer’ links and downloaded and tested the beta version. I was very happy that your software could make article writing easier and interesting at the same time. I told friends about it and they also tried it out but while we were still celebrating, it was yanked off: the testing period had expired!

After the expiration of the test period, I had wanted to buy the product key but could not. So were the few friends I told. Why? The $47 then wasn’t the issue. The issue was and is still the mode of payment.

Most Nigerians are limited by online payment platforms using Paypal and Clickbank  ( they do not accept Nigerians for whatever reasons they have against us), Mastercard, Visacard etc. The conditions for getting the cards from the local banks are very cumbersome because of card related fraud. Most African economies have not developed to the level of using Credit cards on a wide scale. Nigerians would rather have a preloaded card than a credit card. We are very much more comfortable with our cash transactions- no internet access is needed to buy and sell. I checked the price of IAW3 and it has gone up to 77 Dollars with a trial amount of 7 Dollars for 7 days.

There are lots of students, lecturers, researchers, journalists and writers who will love to have your software for use in their write-ups. Nigeria has about 150 million people. This is a large market to start with. Other West African countries both Anglo and Francophone should be put into this marketing plan. With the appropriate marketing and publicity, Insant Article Wizard will be made the foremost research software in the world! I do mean this because I believe in the ‘powerfulity’ of this article writing software. It is wonderfully awesome. I just love it.  God bless you for coming up with IAW.

We need an alternative payment method that is tailored made for the African market. It may not card based. I recommend a local bank payment. This may be a talk order but can be done if carefully thought out and implemeted.  We need an alternative payment method that is tailored made for the African market. It should not card based. The alternative I have in mind and which will most certainly work for us in Africa, goes as follows:
1.   You or your partners open a local bank account with a bank that that has branches in all West African countries like GT Bank Plc, EcoBank Plc or any other bank that meets your terms. You can do further research, please.
2.   We carry out aggressive marketing campaigns (in both print and electronic media and social networking media) to schools of higher learning, newspaper houses, government institutions, private organisations, learning and training organisations etc
3.   We look at an affordable product pricing strategy for the African market as 100 Dollars may not be affordable to all. Differential product pricing strategy is vey key to this target market. $100 may be a small amount of money for those in the Developed countries but it is a very large sum to the average African. Those who want to buy go to pay cash into the local bank account.
4.   The person sends a text message to a designated number or email address stating amount paid, teller number, phone number, email address. This is verified against the bank’s  transaction alert message via email or text message.
5.   The bank notifies us of payment through transaction alert text message
6.   The product key is sent by email to the email address of the person who paid with a link to download the product
7.   The person is notified of the sent email via test message to the stated phone number
8.   The person downloads and starts to enjoy the use of IAW
9.   He/she is spell-bound by the wonders of IAW and tells others about it
10.   The newly convinced person repeats the process of payment
11.   There is a win/win situation for all parties
12.    When the bank balance gets to a stated sum, the bank remits the money to your US bank account. SIKINA!!

Personally, what I want to do is greatly hampered by lack of access to the payment platform. Clickbank and Paypal and other payment platform should rethink their stance. There are ways to greatly minimize fraud ( infact, from my observation, their refusal to accept Nigerians and some other nationals on their platforms, is promoting fraud online). Why must I be denied access to a product I want to buy with my hard earned money by an intermediary (middleman) and not by the seller? Why must I hide my IP address (as suggested by some people) when I want to do legit business online? This is highly against my principles.

A lot of internet marketers are being denied sales by the actions of Clickbank and others (where other platforms accept Nigerians, the cot of registeration and transaction is high compared to the gains accruable). Imagine a case where 1 million Nigerians buy a product for $1. That is a millon dollars for a product alone. The loss on both sellers and byers'' side is enormous.

On a final note I would like that you please discuss this payment issue with other internet marketers on say Warrior Forum and others so that together, a solution or alternative to Clicbank or Paypal is formulated and implemented for the good of the internet commumnity as a whole. My people say that one single road does not lead to the marketplace. Competition is good for businesses and customers alike.



Re: Are There Alternatives to Clickbank and Paypal?
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2011, 07:53:50 AM »
There are certain areas of the world where fraudulent transactions are more common than real ones.  You happen to live in one of those areas.  Paypal and Visa/MC have absorbed hundreds of millions of dollars of losses from certain foreign countries.  Many of these countries have laws that will not allow investigation or collection of bad debts and actually encourage the fraud. 

It is sad because the acts of many of your countrymen will keep many more of their countrymen from being able to easily succeed online.

Get a partner and start a company in the US...

Good Luck
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