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Suggestion for Content Encoding Strategy To Improve Its SEO Value

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I confess to not being a big fan of encoding content as a way to pretend to have unique content. All sorts of reasons for it, not worth going into here. ;)

However, I had not looked at how it was implemented in Article Builder but I did recall that Jon had said that it would be designed to be minimally intrusive on the content.

Anyway, I decided today to take a look at the tool, in part because I wanted to make sure that such content would not be able to be posted to my main UGC site.

I found two things:
1) If you post encoded content to my site then it shows up and can be deleted instantly - that means any instances of such submissions have already been deleted fromt he site. That's good!

2) The encoding reduces footprint by working on individual letters within the articles but seems to do so at random. This means that keywords and phrases are being messed with and are essentially invisible to the Googlegods.

With regard to the first item, I am very happy! Nothing will change.

However for the second item, even though I am not planning to be a user of the tool it seems that there may be a more elegant way to achieve the objective. ;)

Rather than replacing letters from the article at random, why not use a list of common words that are not likely to be key phrases, although they might be part of multi word terms. Encode all, or part of these words. For example, encoding the following would be unlikely to cause any SEO issues:


etc etc.

Then you can simply set a trigger threshold that gives the desired degree of 'uniqueness' and Bob's your maternal relative.
Also, and I have not tried this, but I would expect that this encoding will not work with any tools that substitute keyphrases with a hyperlink. If one replaces whole, but unimportant, in this context, words then there is a much better chance that autohyperlinking would work properly so you can change words for affiliate links, or internal linking as you should expect.

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Re: Suggestion for Content Encoding Strategy To Improve Its SEO Value
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2011, 09:39:40 AM »
There is a section of people who believe that such words form part of Google stop words and anything done to them may be just ignored.

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Re: Suggestion for Content Encoding Strategy To Improve Its SEO Value
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2011, 06:14:21 AM »

I have a similar question.

Basically, if keywords or parts of the keywords were also encoded, would I still have SEO benefits?

And again, if it was possible to not encode certain words or paragraphs, perhaps, that would be a better solution.


Your expert input will be very much welcome.

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