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Checking copy of almost 80% of content that generates articlebuilder ..

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I checked back nearly 80% of content that generates articlebuilder ..'m worried .. Shipping image capture.

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There's no need to worry.

What you are seeing is that the phrases that are used in ArticleBuilder are used in other articles and web pages on the Internet. That's to be expected - it isn't the case that there's a little man writing hundreds of unique, Copyscape passing articles for you instantly, on demand. The articles are built from building blocks of phrases and sentences, very highly spun, built into paragraphs.

Each article is unique, there will not be another one the same anywhere on the Internet. The content created is still, after many years, seen as being unique by search engines.

This topic comes up from time to time and the response, because it is valid, is always the same!
For example:!/msg65806/#msg65806

If you absolutely must have content that will pass Copyscape or toehr plagiarism detectors then you need to be getting all your content written specifically for you with the stipulation that it should not show up in those tools. Cst, per article, will be many multiples of the coast of the cotnent produced by ArticleBuilder. You could use for this; however, the use case for ArticleBuilder (low cost,mass content generation of unique articles on niche topics) is not the same as which is about higher cost, bespoke content creation in relativley low volumes.

Final and important point: don't get confused by plagiarism detection tools. Many newbies get the idea that such tools control and define whether articles get indexed by search engines. They don't. Search engines don't give a fig about plagiarism. They do care about unique content, which ArticleBuilder provides!